Are Wind Turbines the new American ‘Anchor babies’?


As I sit watching a TV exchange between Donald Trump and reporter about the politically INcorrect phrase, ‘anchor babies’, wind turbines come to mind.  The wind turbine industry, predominantly headquartered OVERseas, has planted roots here, thousands of them, funneling our taxpayer dollars and producing very LITTLE electricity for our grid. Will they somehow, now claim, that they are ‘victims’ of climate change? It appears as though our climate change has greatly reduced their already dismal performance…and it IS significant. According to the EIA, capacity factors in the US West, have been as low as 10%.  Again, we ask the question, how many industries can survive if they produce 10% of what they promised? This industry advertises their maximum output of energy, if they spin 24 hrs x 7 days per week, but then they sometimes produce zero? Sometimes, they produce 10% of that number? NO INDUSTRY IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR COULD SURVIVE with these facts. Why isn’t this considered FRAUD?…

Lower-than-average winds in the western United States in the first half of the year have cut into production and revenues at wind farms there, according to company data. Now, the industry is trying to figure out how it will deal with variable weather in the future….

For example, Pattern Energy Group Inc., which owns wind farms in Texas, California and elsewhere, reduced its expected 2015 output by 5 percent in a statement in April. Low winds have reduced its production by 15 percent in the first six months of 2015, according to SEC filings….

“The phone in our office is ringing off the hook, with people asking what happened, what does it mean, how usual is it, what is the prediction for the future,” he said. “And then the light bulb goes off: Where do I build my next set of projects to mitigate this?”…

Wind Power Must Now Contend with Extreme Weather – Scientific American.