While the wind slows, AWEA blows (a lot of hot air)!

Out West, shifting wind patterns have reduced wind turbine production from 25% to 45%.  Because the Production Tax Credit is paid on the basis of how much electricity is produced, a number of developers are experiencing financial difficulty.   This article suggests that “climate change” will continue to affect wind patterns making the future uncertain for some projects.  Of course AWEA disputes all of this and says that things will “average out”.  (Remember, their ‘average’? A woeful, pitiful less than 40% of the stated capacity.) Does AWEA know something that our meteorologists don’t know? Are they now in the weather-predicting business? Inherent in all of this is the unstated fact that all the wind turbines in the world will do nothing to impact climate change….or shifting weather patterns….

Wind energy is butting up against the effects of sluggish weather in the West, where wind patterns have changed and renewable energy production is at a near five-year low

The agency didn’t say how the wind energy slump would affect the electric grid, but it did say it could hinder wind farms from taking advantage of a key federal tax subsidy

The changing weather patterns also could force states to tap other forms of energy, including fossil fuels, to make up for the lost wind capacity…

The wind industry says these fluctuations in production should not be seen as a trend. The America Wind Energy Association says in a statement that the variability is consistent with normal wind turbine operations….

Wind energy gets blown away by shifting patterns in the West | Washington Examiner.