Black Hawk Down! Iowa BigWind setbacks (likeOhio) say NO

Iowa is covered with more than 3,000 wind turbines, but are the citizens beginning to see the truth about them? Much like here in Ohio, BigWind receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars and then throws a fraction of that back into the hosting community. The quote below, sums this reality up well, “In a sense we’re all paying for it, for a few people to benefit…” Additionally, what is the ordinance setback in Black Hawk? 1.5x the total height from a PROPERTY LINE. In Ohio, BigWind has argued that our current setback is entirely too restrictive. Really? What they want to do, is encroach on the property rights of non-participating neighbors, by reducing our setbacks to that of a residence, rather than the property line. This eliminates safe, habitable land on the neighbor’s property! Is Iowa beginning to see the truth?….

Heavy opposition and the Board of Adjustment have knocked the air out of Black Hawk County’s first proposed wind energy farm…

Members of the Board of Adjustment had only a brief discussion on the merits of the request but cited concerns the southern tower was just 50 feet from the neighboring property, when it should have been 666 feet away by ordinance.

“I assume those fall zones exist for a reason,” said board member Luke Jenson.

The property owner to the south, the son of the land owners seeking the tower, had supported a variance to the required setback.

Board chairman Steve Rosauer joined those who said there appeared to be no benefit to the area or residents from the project. He suggested tax credits would be necessary for the project to be viable.

“In a sense we’re all paying for it for a few people to benefit from it,” he said.

Source: Black Hawk County’s first wind towers rejected