BigWind is NOT Green and hurts the planet

Today, the media is mesmerized with the visit of the Pope. One topic of discussion is his opinion about caring for the planet. Let us remind our friends of WHY WIND TURBINES ARE NOT GREEN. The only characteristic, that actually makes them green, is the $$$ that they take from the taxpayers. It is time to make them stand on their own, without subsidizing. It is time the public learns the truth about these industrial machines…

…18 – The claim that wind energy is “green” or “environmentally friendly” is laugh-out-loud hilarious – except for the fact that the reality is not funny at all. Consider just one part of a turbine, the generator, which uses considerable rare earth elements (2000± pounds per MW).

The mining and processing of these metals has horrific environmental consequences that are unacknowledged and ignored by the wind industry and its environmental surrogates. For instance, just the rare earths of a typical 100 MW wind project would generate approximately:

a) 20,000 square meters of destroyed vegetation,

b) 1.2 million pounds of CO2,

c) 6 million cubic meters of toxic air pollution,

d) 29 million gallons of poisoned water,

e) 600 million pounds of highly contaminated tailing sands, and

f) 280,000 pounds of radioactive waste. (See this, and this, and this.)… additionally, it is noteworthy that no turbine generates enough consistent power to actually manufacturer one of its own!

Source: Twenty Bad Things About Wind Energy, and Three Reasons Why – Master Resource