Illinois residents hear the truth about BigWind and say NO

It is incredible that BigWind denies the truth about the noise, flicker and vibrations, when there are individuals, all over the world, experiencing the problems! Will Wind Turbines become the next scandal like cigarettes? Not only do you read about individuals affected by BigWind, in this article, but you can read the 2nd link (bottom of page) about more individuals suffering in Illinois. One affected citizen complains about noise and he resides 1.5 miles AWAY from a turbine!?! We must be vigilant to stop the efforts of BigWind attempting to reduce our setbacks in Ohio  – below 1,250 feet…..

After 40 days of hearings, the Bureau County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) recommended denial of all of the 127 applications of Walnut Ridge Wind LLC (WRW) to build industrial wind turbines. The ZBA considered the testimony of dozens of witnesses and experts on the impacts of such turbines. Six different people who live near projects in Illinois and Wisconsin testified the turbines cause extreme noise, flickering shadows, vibration and sleep deprivation. They suffered from symptoms commonly known as Wind Turbine Syndrome which involves feelings of motion sickness and vertigo. Three of the families abandoned their dream homes to escape the turbines.

An expert testified that neighbors will sustain up to a 50 percent loss in the value of their property. Nonetheless, WRW refuses to site turbines away from people’s homes nor will it agree to any property value protection plan. The ZBA unanimously found “the applicant has not produced sufficient evidence that the project will not diminish residential property values along the footprint.”…


Source: Zoning board denies wind turbines applications | Bureau County Republican

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