This is why BigWind needs to leave Ohio setbacks alone!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.00.22 AM

This wind turbine was only 200 foot tall and no company builds them that ‘short’ anymore. Thankfully, this turbine was not ‘blown’ farther away and it did not throw pieces hundreds of yards. This is why the Ohio setback of 1,250 feet from a property line needs to be EXPANDED, not shrunk. BigWind is pushing the Ohio legislature to shrink our setbacks, so they can suck more taxpayer dollars by planting more turbines across our great state…

FENNER, N.Y. (AP) – An energy company says it’s trying to determine why a 113-foot-long blade fell off a windmill in central New York….The blade landed near the 200-foot-tall structure located in a field….

Source: | 113-foot blade falls off New York windmill, lands in field