Will an ‘Ill Wind’ become your neighbor in Van Wert, Ohio?

Is this what is coming soon to southern Van Wert county? How tall will the Apex turbines be? Developers have been known to change their turbine model, prior to commencement.  The taller the turbine, the farther the infrasound travels. Could the nightmare below become your story?….

Imagine not being able to sleep because pulsating vibrations ripped through your home every night. For many local families, it’s all too real.

“What do I see? I see 400 foot vicious dogs tied up in my backyard.”…

So many of those people felt like a vacuum cleaner was running throughout their house, which isn’t pleasant at night.

“The noise is louder at night because of the contrast between the still, cool air at ground level and the steady stream of wind at the level of the turbine hubs. This nighttime noise travels a long distance. It has been documented to be disturbing to residents 1.2 miles away from wind turbines in regular rolling terrain, and 1.5 miles away in Appalachian valleys,” the study says….

Residents say they simply just want to relief.

“Just let us sleep, give us 12 hours would be great, but give me 8 hours to sleep,” said Elizabeth Ebertz, who was forced to sleep in the basement away from her husband….

Source: Special Report: An Ill Wind