Why won’t Apex sign ‘code of conduct’? Should Ohioans be concerned?

Apex is planning to build an industrial wind site in Southern Van Wert county. Wouldn’t it be nice if wind developers, in Ohio, were REQUIRED to disclose the names of officials/family members who would financially benefit from the development? Doesn’t this only seem fair to the community?????…..

SOMERSET — Some residents are questioning why Apex Clean Energy/Lighthouse Wind has not yet signed the New York State Attorney General’s Office code of conduct for wind energy developers….

A section of the code would require Apex to disclose the names of any municipal official or their family member who would financially benefit from the company’s wind farm development. To comply with the code, Apex would have to list the full name of the official or relative and the nature and scope of their financial interest, and submit the information to the state Attorney General’s office, as well as list the information on the company’s website….

Source: Apex reviewing code of conduct | Local News | lockportjournal.com