At what cost? Wind farm frustration grows. Is Ohio next?

Yesterday, EverPower splattered their case for tax abatement across the front page of the Bellefontaine Examiner. Today, we focus on remorse. Consider the letter to the editor of the Cadillac Michigan newspaper from a leaseholder who laments: “I signed a wind turbine lease in 2008. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have signed.” Remorse. The writer goes on to ask, “Is money more important than health? Is this what we gave away for $10,000 a turbine and monthly payments, with leases that will never end? We gave up our beautiful community, we are giving up our health, our electric bills have risen, and there doesn’t seem to be anyway out except leaving.”

Further east in Falmouth, Massachusetts where citizens have pleaded for mercy and relief from the city’s two turbines, the Zoning Board is poised to deny an operating permit for one of the existing turbines even though the city will incur significant financial loss from the permit denial. Remorse – and in this instance, the prospect of litigation.

In Germany, a medical doctor, Johannes Mayer, is filmed in a presentation where he “blasts the lobby-backed claims (based on measurements taken by unsuitable instruments) that infrasound generated by wind turbines is harmless to humans and wildlife and presents a number of studies showing how the very opposite is true. Mayer tells the audience that 5 years ago he also used to believe that infrasound was not a real factor for anyone a kilometer or further away from the source. But after having researched the new literature on the topic he concluded that infrasound is a serious factor on the health of humans even at far greater distances.” Pop a little popcorn and watch this video. Remorse.

These stories are everywhere and are increasing as the development of industrial wind in populated areas continues because – AND ONLY BECAUSE – the federal government and local government are enabling the development through publically funded tax incentives and because naïve landowners thought some extra money was worth a little inconvenience of a nearby turbine. One question that echoes through these lamentations is “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

We now turn the media – do they print these stories about families in Michigan, zoning boards in Falmouth or physicians in Germany? No. They write about wind developers who sound a lot like Professor Harold Hill in the “Music Man” who is asked by a Salesman on a train: “How far you going, friend?” “Harold Hill: Wherever the people are as green as the money… friend.” The Bellefontaine Examiner characterizes the community schools as “BIG WINNER” . How about a story on the “BIG LOSER”? Dagger says EverPower has exceeded the minimum standards. Everyone know the standards were written by the wind lobby and were purposefully short so that the developers could say they “exceeded” them. It does not mean they are protective. It does not mean they respect property rights.

Bravo to the citizens in the Caro, Michigan area who are standing up in the face of slick talking and attorneys. They are speaking out and giving the media something else to write about. Good for the Tuscola News, too. These people understand they must act now to stop a proposed NextEra project from destroying their community and way of life. Their article below is a MUST READ. Who is standing up in your community? Can you help educate the media, your neighbors and local elected officials? Don’t think somebody else will do it. It is up to all of those who care. You create your own future….

Bobbie Mozden worries about the nights she might have to take her son to a hotel because a health condition he has could be exponentially worsened by the loud sounds of a nearby wind turbine.

And that’s just one concern Mozden said she has about the $200 million Tuscola III wind farm planned by NextEra Energy Resources Inc. for Tuscola County’s Ellington, Almer, and Fairgrove townships.

The Ellington Township resident says she also worries about having to move out of the area, about how the community is getting ripped apart over those for and against wind turbines, even about being given an obscene gesture by someone who she believes disagrees with her – something she says was unfathomable a very short time ago.

Perhaps above all, Mozden said she’s concerned that she isn’t being heard by those who should be most concerned with what she has to say….

George Patullo said he’s losing sleep over being so frustrated by the situation that he claims is being driven largely by attorneys for those who stand to make money from the turbines (one source said landowners can make up to $15,000 annually leasing property for turbines).

“There’s already been a lot of damage done to this township and there’s going to be a lot more apparently,” Patullo said. “We’re going to railroad these things in regardless of the health and safety concerns of everyone in this township.

“The more I look at this thing, the more I see a bunch of greedy people not interested in what the health and safety issues are,” Patullo said. “This thing is far from over.”…


Source: Tuscola County Advertiser – Serving Eastern Michigan since 1868(Video) At what cost? Wind farm frustration grows throughout Michigan’s Thumb region – Tuscola County Advertiser – Serving Eastern Michigan since 1868