Will Logan County, Ohio, be bullied by BigWind?


Jason Dagger of Everpower is covering his usual bases–up to 12 jobs and free money for all………

Mr. Dagger is using the media to push his agenda and to push the Logan County Commissioners–a RUMA (road use maintenance agreement) is required before a PILOT request. At this time no RUMA is in place. And the LC Commissioners deny that PILOT negotiations are in progress.

A construction start in 2016 guarantees Everpower the entire federal wind production tax credit subsidy. Beginning in 2017, the PTC taxpayer subsidy to wind developers decreases by 20% and continues to decrease yearly until phaseout in 5 years.

Everpower representative Jason Dagger intends to ask the Logan County Commissioners to approve the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes.) If approved, this subsidy provided by local taxpayers guarantees yet more tax relief for wind developer Everpower. Remember, current PILOTs allow companies, like Everpower, to only pay 15% of what they should be paying in taxes!

Pilot dollar amounts supplied by Dagger are based on 2 megawatt turbines. The Ohio Power Siting Board has approved turbines of 3.3 MW for this project. The greater the megawatt, the more massive the turbine structure. It is a safe assumption that the much larger 3.3 MW turbines will be used.  This is good for no one within the blueprint of the project…unless you are Everpower…

The wind development company EverPower plans to go before the Logan County Commissioners in the near future to request a payment in lieu of taxes agreement for its Scioto Ridge Wind Farm development, company rep- resentatives said this week.

Although the company plans to move forward with construction of 87 wind tur- bines in Hardin County by year end, for the remaining 18 towers to be built in Richland and Rushcreek townships in Logan County, the commissioners will first be asked approve the PILOT request, company spokesman Jason Dagger said.

“We will be talking soon with the Logan County Commissioners and asking for a PILOT,” Mr. Dagger said. “This is still a $350 million investment and it will generate $1.8 million tax revenue annually….