Is it ‘Christian’ to support BigWind? WWJD?


Just as the Easter season is upon us, we hit a new low point in the wind lobby’s recruitment efforts. AWEA has teamed up with the Christian Coalition of America and Young Conservatives for Energy Reform. Among other things, they intend to demand a plank supporting renewable energy in the Republican Platform with the help of Senator Lindsay Graham. At a recent Congressional Reception, the group YC4ER celebrated its’ heroes, Chuck Grassley, Lindsay Graham and Rob Portman. The report below is provides a good picture of their warped thinking.

“For Graham, supporting clean energy is also about the deep faith that unites so many conservatives. God has charged us all with being good stewards of Creation, Graham said. Renewable energy cuts down on pollution, and is easier on the Earth and its inhabitants than fossil fuels.”

“And when homeowners, businesses, and institutions have the ability to put solar panels on a roof or a wind turbine on a farm, clean energy enhances individual liberty and property rights.”

We really do not know how wildlife killing, landscape wrecking and obliteration of the heavens in a mass of blinking red lights serves God’s purpose. Even more profane is the trampling of property rights enabled by massive taxpayer subsidies that will condemn generations to come with unsustainable debt levels.

When the media says that people are angry this election season and hold the “establishment” in contempt, the Young Conservatives for Energy Reform should be front and center in your thoughts. And it is okay to label your fury as “righteous indignation”.

Speaking of creation – or at least our winged friends – we were interested to learn that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has notified Iberdrola that they will release information on file at the state concerning bird and bat kills at Blue Creek. ODNR has decided to regard the monitoring reports as “public records” and they have advised Iberdrola that unless they file an injunction to stop them by April 1st, the reports will be made public.

Wind developers always seems to act at holiday times, hoping no one notices what they are up to. In this regard we note that amendments are being sought for several wind projects to substitute newer model turbines with different dimensions than those initially approved. At the same time, the developers are asserting that there is no need for hearings and that the new models should be approved without causing the new setback measurements from property lines to be imposed. Notable in the Huron County Greenwich Wind case, the amendment filed includes the safety manual for the proposed G.E. 2.3 MW 116 model. The manual directs workers to remain at a distance of 350 meters (1,114 feet) and inspect the turbine using BINOCULARS. Once having confirmed that there is not a danger from ice throw, the workers may advance to the turbine. Wonder if any people will have to use their binoculars in the winter before going out to the garage to get the car to take the kids to school?

The Timber Creek/Paulding Wind project amendments were recommended for approval by the OPSB staff two days ago. Despite the new turbine model being bigger, noisier and creating more shadow flicker, the staff concluded there was no environmental impact necessitating a hearing or the application of the new property line setbacks. The OPSB appears to act with impunity in facilitating the wind developer‘s wants and needs irrespective of the law or the local citizenry….

In the Midwest, young conservatives are finding common ground on clean energy with some old political hands….

Source: Commentary: Clean energy unites conservatives, young and old