No tax break for BigWind? Is it possible?

It appears as though some citizens are beginning to see the Truth behind BigWind. Specifically, we are discussing the need for a tax abatement, aka the PILOT. BigWind often decries that they will leave the area, if denied the PILOT. We say, call their bluff!!! These companies CAN afford to pay their full share of taxes.  Will Logan County be the first in Ohio to do this?….

…Scott Gray chairs the Jefferson County Legislature. He says the county will not give tax deals to any wind projects in the county.

“We look at it and say what are the benefits that it’s bringing to the community and therefore is it necessary to do some sort of abatement,” Gray said, “and in this case many people don’t believe there is any benefit.”

He says wind projects don’t bring jobs to the area.

“Tax abatements are really meant to create jobs,” he said. “Wind projects, they may create short-term jobs in terms of some construction, but that’s mostly out-of-area jobs.

But Gray says the county legislature can’t write off a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) agreement just yet, because it doesn’t have to mean a “deal” with companies.

In this case, he says an agreement could be used to redistribute the percentage of taxes among school districts, towns and the county.

“A PILOT may adjust the distribution between two entities, like the school district and the town, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to give up anything in tax dollars,” he said.

He says if the county was to enter a PILOT agreement with a wind company, whatever the distribution of taxes, the percentages will always add up to 100 percent. That means no tax breaks….

Source: No Tax Breaks For Wind Farms, County Legislature Chair Says