(Another) county adopts greater BigWind regulations than Ohio

Ohio’s wind turbine setbacks look ‘weak’, again, as a county in Nebraska INcreased their setbacks and LOWERed the approved decibel levels in their revised wind energy ordinance. Meanwhile, BigWind steamrolls through Ohio, finding success in central and NE Ohio lawsuits. Additionally, they are moving through NW Ohio in S Van Wert County and edging up to Allen county. In the background, they are quietly negotiating deals to SHORTEN our setbacks from properties and property lines. Isn’t it a shame, that numerous counties, all over the country, can be shown to have greater setbacks than ours(1250 ft from property line), yet we continue to allow BigWind to gobble up the land and peace in our great state? My father used to say that only fools learn by experience, the wise learn from others. Does this make us look foolish?????….

The Gage County Board of Supervisors strengthened commercial wind energy regulations before approving them at Wednesday’s regular meeting….

Planning and Zoning recommended setback requirements of 5/16 of a mile, or three times the total tower height, whichever is greater, from a residence on a nonparticipating property.

Increasing this setback requirement to as much as 1/2 mile was discussed, but the board ultimately approved a setback requirement of 3/8 of a mile….

Source: County adopts wind regulations | Local News | beatricedailysun.com