BigWind holds energy policy conference in Ohio

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Ohioans need to prepare for our dismal future. In the off chance that someone would like to spend $175 to enjoy the day with Ohio’s leading eco-advocates, we bring to your attention the annual Green Energy Ohio (GEO) conference which will be held all day on April 7th at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2210 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus. Online registrations will be accepted through April 4th and a limited number of walk-ins will be accommodated. The Agenda which we have printed below features a cavalcade of folks who served in the Strickland Administration and are now in the energy consulting business. Prominent among them is Jen Lynch who led the effort to impose the original trespass zoning setbacks from her perch in Governor Strickland’s office. Jen is now a lobbyist featuring wind turbines on her website. Dayna Baird Payne is the leading lobbyist for AWEA and the chief strategist for rescinding the property line setbacks. This is one of the strategic initiatives of the GEO crowd along with their best friend from the Farm Bureau, Dale Arnold.

Steve Caminati is also a lobbyist. He was previously with the Nature Conservancy and now focuses on Energy Advocacy working to reinstate the renewable mandates. His company website notes: “An improbable coalition” was the way the Cleveland Plain Dealer described our campaign to defeat a hotly-contested energy bill intended to eliminate Ohio’s energy efficient and renewable energy standards. We built a coalition of businesses, environmental groups, non-profit advocacy groups and public entities to stop the bill, highlighting messages that would resonate with Ohio’s legislators – jobs and economic impact. On behalf of our coalition, we conducted an aggressive social media campaign with paid and earned media and a telephone advocacy program. These efforts resulted in the engagement of hundreds of thousands of Ohioan’s, editorial support from newspapers across the state, and thousands of live calls to the Governor and legislators. As a result, the bill was pulled from consideration.”

These are many of the people we will be facing throughout the rest of the year as legislation to address the renewable mandates is considered. Anyone who wants a glimpse of what lies ahead, is encouraged to attend….

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