Ohio Power Siting Board ‘cheats’ the Ohio residents

The Ohio Power Siting Board has NEVER SAID NO to BIGWIND. It has NEVER SUPPORTED THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  Our Say Yes to Big Wind board barrels forward. 14,000 more Ohio acres disappear…

The Black Fork Wind Project is operating on a two-year extension that will roll up to Jan. 23, 2019 after a decision by the Ohio Power Siting Board….

Yet that ruling, rendered at a March 28 session, has created angst among those opposed to the project. Brett Heffner, a resident in the area for the planned wind project, said the OPSB was playing by its own rules to the organization’s benefit.

“Imagine you are in a poker game where everything you own is at stake. After the dealer distributes the cards, he looks at his own hand and declares fours are wild,” Heffner said. “That is what dealing with the siting board is like.”…

Source: Black Fork Wind Project extension creates angst, schedule unchanged | News | richlandsource.com