Ohio electric coop asking for help to defeat Obama’s Clean Power Plan

…and to push BigWind out of our great state! BigWind is a huge part of this problem in Ohio. The massive subsidies are given to them to survive and they hand pocket change back to our communities and schools. Money talks, period, and it gives them the right to destroy our property values, electric rates, and peace. As BigWind spreads across our state, manufacturers WILL suffer as the electric rates rise. Some will close, some will leave, and some will be forced to lay people off or reduce their benefits…

Officials for Ohio’s 24 non-profit, consumer-owned electric cooperatives, on Friday, called for increased activism in efforts to pull the plug on pending federal regulation they claim would significantly increase utility bills. They spoke of rallying urgent support as the measure currently undergoes legal scrutiny….


In June 2014, the Clean Power Plan was initiated by the U.S. EPA and approved by President Obama. It calls for a 20 percent reduction carbon dioxide produced at generating plants. The Supreme Court issued a ruling in February to halt the plan to take a closer look at the impact.

O’Laughlin said over the past 10 years carbon dioxide emission is down 16 percent. Coal usage has dropped from 50.1 to 32.4 percent which pushed up the use of natural gas from 20.5 to 33.8 percent.

“This is a reality check for many people. Power production (in Ohio) is cleaner than ever. So, the mandates are only going to push up you bills another $30 or $40 a month and it accomplishes nothing.”

Marc Armstrong, OREC Director of Government Affairs, serves as an advocate for all Ohio co-ops with legislators in Columbus and Washington, D.C. He too urged the crowd to contact other co-op members to join the fight to push back the federal law that would increase local electric bills.

Armstrong said his role is to meet with legislators and encourage them to make decisions that would benefit residents in the Midwest co-op district. He said his main goal is to educate lawmakers regarding the benefits of electrical co-ops and their members.

Source: Action committee calls for increased activism – Sidney Daily News – sidneydailynews.com