BigWind complaint filed d/t ‘deceptive’ green marketing

Hallalujiah! We are grateful for someone willing to call out BigWind! For years, this industry has been permitted to swindle the American taxpayer with untruths about the energy they produce. #1 The energy is not renewable, when it is sold ‘out of state’, as much of it is  #2 They never power the # of homes that they ‘claim’. In Ohio, for instance, their capacity factors are a pathetic 30%, meaning that they produce less than 30% of what they sold to the public. How many businesses can continue to survive when they only produce 30% of what they tell their consumers???? Only those fully subsidized by our tax dollars….

A group defending ridgelines against wind energy development has filed a complaint with the Vermont Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission accusing local wind-power producers of making false green marketing claims.

In a complaint filed March 15, the Irasburg Ridgeline Alliance alleges that Renewable Energy Vermont, Georgia Mountain Community Wind and the Burlington Electric Department engaged in consumer deception in their descriptions and marketing of wind-generated electricity.

The citizen-led alliance claims that the organizations — a trade association, a developer and an electric utility — advertise renewable energy in marketing and promotions despite selling renewable energy certificates, or RECs, to out-of-state entities.

“Despite warnings, industrial wind producers continue deceptive ‘green’ marketing claims,” the IRA said in a statement on Tuesday….


Source: Group files complaint against wind producers over green marketing claims –