BigWind employees’ faces turn green from hazardous chemicals

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For those who insist that wind energy is ‘clean and green’, share this information with them. How long can this industry maintain the ‘clean and green’ mask?….

…Danish workers at Siemens chronically ill after prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals…

As part of its 21 Søndag series, DR yesterday revealed it has access to reports from the National Board of Industrial Injuries in Denmark dealing with 64 compensation cases brought by employees against the company.

According to DR, the National Board of Industrial Injuries has reached the decision that the illnesses developed by the employees in question, including asthma and eczema, are a direct result of exposure to the toxic chemicals epoxy and isocyanates. The chemicals are known allergens, and they are on the EU’s list of carcinogenic substances.

According to the Danish Working Environment Act, workers can seek compensation if they have been exposed to such chemicals for prolonged periods of time.

64 too many
According to experts, 64 is a high number – even for a company as large as Siemens.

“[The numbers are] shockingly high and very serious. When someone becomes sick as a result of these substances, they remain sick for life,” Hans Jørgen Limborg, a workplace researcher and manager at TeamArbejdsliv, told DR.

Rasmus Windfeld, a public relations officer at Siemens Wind Power, stated that Siemens was committed to improving working conditions and called the current situation “totally unacceptable”….

Source: The Copenhagen Post – Danish News in English