Supreme Court says YES to BigWind in Greenwich, Ohio

We are sorry for our friends in the Huron county region. ( They have fought very hard against this industrial wind energy project, but were denied the opportunity to have their case heard by the court. Is that surprising? Unfortunately, the Ohio Supreme Court has recently taken a slant that favors BigWind…

The judicial decision was announced Wednesday morning.

The project was stopped nearly two years ago after adjacent property owners were concerned about the amount of noise the turbines would produce.

“Today, we actually got good news and the Supreme Court ruled in our favor,” said vice president of Windlab Developments, Monica Jensen. “It was great way to start the day. That was a green light for the project. We will basically now be working on schedule, gearing up and getting the project up.”

The organization hopes to have the 25 turbines running by 2017….

Source: Norwalk Reflector: Greenwich wind turbine project a go