Denmark Blames BigWind for outrageous electricity rates

When did you last hear that wind energy was ‘cheap’ and now ‘affordable’? Probably, yesterday, as the American Wind Energy Association spends a lot of money to educate–error, actually, brainwash–Americans about their industry. They lie about everything from how much power they produce, to the actual cost to produce their energy. Denmark is just another example of BigWind failure. Remember, it is has the most turbines per capita – on the planet. Let’s take away all of the subsidies and see how much it will actually cost us!…

…Now, in the wind industry’s heartland, the Danes too have rumbled the fact that the wind really isn’t ‘free’, as the wind cult claims. Oh no.
Worshipping the Wind Gods comes at a staggering cost, as Danish households and businesses have fast come to realise.
As with everywhere else, power prices matter to consumers in the same way votes matter to politicians. The mounting anger of the former has forced a panicked retreat by the latter: Denmark’s Climate and Energy Lars Christian Lilleholt has just slashed support for offshore wind projects in an effort to cut billions of Danish kroner from the cost to power consumers of being forced to perpetually subsidise wind power.
After more than 40 years of promising to stand on its own 2 feet, the Danish wind industry is still (surprise, surprise) wholly dependent on massive subsidies to survive.
Denmark’s leading Daily, Jyllands Posten, exasperated at the need for endless subsidies and “lies about the economic competitiveness of the renewables market”, is demanding an end to the electricity tax that retail customers pay to fund them (referred to as the Public Service Obligation – ‘PSO’).
Adding to the Dane’s lament about crippling power bills is the fact that they are surrounded by thousands of these things, which drive their neighbours to despair – just like everywhere else – with, as the Editor of the Jyllands Posten calls it, their “destructive, low-frequency noise”.
Thousands of angry wind farm neighbours and runaway power bills make for a politically toxic cocktail, as these reports lay bare…

Source: Denmark Slashes Wind Power Subsidies to Curb Runaway Power Costs