Is BigWind seeking a ‘wind corridor’ in NW Ohio????

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Friday the 13th sent nightmares from American Electric Power issuing a press release and invitation for wind developers to submit information for forthcoming wind and solar projects as required by a March 31 order from the PUCO on the company’s Power Purchase Agreement. As part of the PUCO’s March order approving and modifying the company’s proposed PPA, AEP committed to propose new renewable projects equaling 500 megawatts in wind and 400 megawatts in solar. Those are subject to PUCO approval. The Request For Information (RFI) for wind resources, issued Friday, requests proposals for obtaining resources equaling 20 megawatts or greater with proposals due June 22. The RFI is not a commitment to purchase wind but is rather the first step in determining the feasibility of doing so. After AEP receives responses from wind developers, they will issue specific requests for proposals. A this point AEP is asking:

5.1. Confirm wind project under development is located in or to be located in the state of Ohio.

5.2. Describe status of site control.

5.3. Describe status of all material permits (OPSB, wildlife, etc.)

5.4. Describe status of primary equipment selection.

5.5. Status of PJM Interconnection Study.

5.6. Projected size of project (Project must have a minimum size of 20 MW)

5.7. Confirm that Respondent has no barrier to entering into a Project Labor Agreement if one was required of all future bidders to an AEP Ohio Renewable RFP.

5.8. Confirm that Respondent has or is able to develop and comply with an affirmative outreach program for hiring Ohio military veterans.

The actual document also requests to know if there potential for expansion and, if so, how many acres are available.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the wind companies tried to say that current setbacks are an impediment to meeting AEP’s needs.  Additionally, Friday the 13th lived up to its name as notice of an upcoming hearing on HB 190 was published. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th. HB 190 is the bill sponsored by Rep. Burkley and Rep. Brown to allow local officials to waive setbacks rules established by the General Assembly. It has been our understanding that measurement from the property line has never been negotiable. On Wednesday, it is expected that a Substitute HB 190 will be offered for consideration. No one has seen this Sub HB 190 but there are rumors circulating that it may propose a “wind friendly” corridor of designated NW Ohio Counties that could be granted greater authority for siting than is currently allowed. THIS WOULD IMPACT MULTIPLE COUNTIES. Those who are pushing for reinstatement of renewable mandates for wind and solar continue to press for reduction of Ohio setbacks so that they might more easily and profitably develop projects….

Energy Provider RFPs

In accordance with an Order issued on March 31, 2016 by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO, Commission) in Case No. 14-1693-EL-RDR, a Joint Stipulation and Recommendation (“Stipulation”)was approved with certain conditions and requirements as set forth in the Order. AEP Ohio, as part of the Stipulation is committed to propose new renewable projects in the state totaling 500 MW from wind energy resources and 400 MW from solar energy resources. AEP affiliates will have the right to initially own up to 50% of such projects. Renewable energy projects proposed are and will be subject to separate application by AEP Ohio to and approval by the Commission.

2016 Ohio Sited Solar Energy Resources RFI
2016 Ohio Sited Wind Energy Resources RFI