No automatic tax breaks for Apex in New York!!

Bravo, to the residents in New York, who will say NO more devaluing of the tax base and properties. Notice, however, that they could still enter into a PILOT, as all wind developments INSIST upon receiving – or threaten to leave the area. What we find interesting, is this, Apex states that PILOT payments have been received from an existing coal plant…for years.  But, how many acres does a coal plant use???? Probably around a 100 and it produces significantly more power, consistent power and lots of jobs. The same can NOT be said for BigWind….

SOMERSET – The towns and school districts that would be affected by the proposed Apex Clean Energy wind power project are saying no to property tax breaks for the project…

Despite the opt-outs, state law allows taxing jurisdictions to make agreements with wind power developers for payments in lieu of taxes, known as PILOTs.

Apex spokeswoman Cat Mosley said the company wants to discuss such arrangements once the locations are firm for the approximately 70 wind turbines in its proposed Lighthouse Wind project.

“The Town of Somerset, the Barker School District and Niagara County have been receiving PILOT payments from existing power generation facilities for years,” Mosley said in reference to the coal-fired power plant in Somerset. “Lighthouse Wind looks forward to continuing that tradition while bolstering not only the region’s energy security, but the economic and educational vitality of the region.”

Source: No automatic tax breaks for Apex, local governments say – The Buffalo News