Cleveland, Ohio WANTS to pay MORE for their electricity d/t BigWind

Apparently, our Cleveland residents want to pay more for their electricity. “The Danish government said on Friday it wanted to scrap plans to build five offshore wind farms as their output would become too expensive for consumers. The government estimates it would cost consumers 70 billion Danish crowns ($10.63 billion) to buy electricity from the plants with a total combined capacity of 350-megawatts.“Since 2012 when we reached the political agreement, the cost of our renewable policy has increased dramatically,” said Lars Christian Lilleholt, energy minister in Denmark’s Liberal party government.“We can’t accept this, as the private sector and households are paying far too much. Denmark’s renewable policy has turned out to be too expensive,” he said. Denmark produced more than 40 percent of its electricity from wind power last year, a world record…” via  Denmark has more turbines per capita, than any place else in the world and their electricity rates are 4x ours!!!!!…..

The U.S. Department of Energy on Wednesday awarded another $3.7 million the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp., (LEEDCo) to continue developing a 20 megawatt wind farm about 10 miles off the coast of downtown Cleveland….

Source: U.S. DOE awards $3.7 million to Lake Erie wind turbine project