NW Ohio BigWind ‘slices-n-dices’ our bats (&hides data). Farmers beware!!

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Unfortunately, these statistics are not surprising. There is no such thing as ‘responsible’ wind energy. Wind energy is not clean, not green, not safe for humans/birds/bats/wildlife and not a reliable source of power. What impact will this information have on the area farmers? Those effects may not be seen for years, but you can bet that the pesticide usage WILL increase, as our natural bug-eaters are slaughtered. What impact will that have for us? Certainly not anything good…

June, 2016: UPDATE
Iberdrola File Court Injunction to Prevent Ohio Department of Natural Resources From Turning Bird and Bat Kill Data

After months of requesting and receiving extensions on the initial April 1 deadline, Iberdrola has filed an official court injunction to prevent Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife from turning over the Blue Creek Wind Facilities Post-construction bird and bat kill data.
Read the official complaint HERE. (go to site for that link, please)

Damning Evidence of the Number of Bats Being Killed at Blue Creek Hidden in the Midwest Wind Energy Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan…

Within the 587 page document, were tables listing the number of bat fatalities at wind facilities. Take a look at these. We know that Blue Creek killed an Indiana Bat, as that is part of the public record. So, by powers of deduction, we know that the facilities listed as “Template 1” and “Template 20” (highlighted in yellow) represent Blue Creek. Compare the number of bats killed there to all the others listed. The numbers are staggering. …

March, 2016: UPDATE

BSBO’s battle for the post-construction mortality data from the Blue Creek facility has now entered its third year. While the company refuses to submit data to us (citing “trade secrets”), in a 2014 meeting with IR executives, they informed us that the facility killed 40 species of birds in 2012, and 41 species in 2013. We have no idea how many total birds were killed, nor do we know the search methodology.

While U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sided with IR on our Freedom of Information Act request, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has continued to press IR to allow them to release the data to us. On March 18, 2016, ODNR attorneys sent a letter to IR informing the company that they had just two weeks to file an injunction, or ODNR would release the data to us.
Here in Ohio, some environmental organizations are promoting the Blue Creek Wind Farm–Ohio’s largest–as an amazing success story. They are putting a great deal of resources into their promotion of this wind farm, with slick videos, social media campaigns, etc. But here’s something very important to consider.

Environmental organizations are promoting Ohio’s largest wind farm with absolutely no idea what the operation’s post-construction bird / bat mortality studies show. …

Ohio, we have some work to do.