NY county ‘reluctant’ to give BigWind tax break. Will Logan in Ohio?

Apex is prowling multiple states, including New York and Tennessee. Below, is a link from NY where they seek the astronomically high tax abatements.  How is it being sold? Jobs. How many will be produced by their industrial wind site? 3-5. Was that a typo? No. We literally give BigWind tax abatements, subsidies, breaks, etc….to the tune of tens-hundreds of millions of dollars, for 3-5 jobs.   Natural gas, hydro, nuclear and coal don’t have this problem, as they provide oodles of high paying jobs, along with their steady, reliable energy! Logan county, Ohio, vote to either give or deny this tax abatement, later this month. What will they do?….

Apex Clean Energy, the company looking to put a wind farm on Galloo Island in the town of Hounsfield, is looking to Jefferson County for help to make that project happen in the form of a tax deal.

“The sort of funding that would be available from the project would have a material benefit to the school,” project developer Neil Habig said. “As far as the county is concerned, they accrue some revenue as well, there are some jobs.”

The project would bring construction jobs as the wind farm is being built and then three to five permanent jobs for upkeep….

Legislator Pat Jareo, who represents the district where the wind farm would go, agrees the minimal benefits don’t justify tax breaks.

“The number of jobs created by a wind farm is, I’m not going to say is insignificant, but it certainly doesn’t warrant an 80 percent abatement in taxation, that’s for sure,” Jareo said…

Source: County Lawmakers Reluctant To Grant Tax Breaks To Wind Farm