What’s wrong with a tax abatement for BigWind developers?

This is exactly what Logan county, Ohio, and others are beginning to realize. In the long run, a tax abatement is NOT a good deal for the counties that host industrial wind energy sites.  This is a completely different scenario than other energy producers. Look at nuclear and natural gas, for instance. Each site would consume a mere couple hundred acres and then employ HUNDREDS of individuals who will live/work/consume goods in the community. BigWind SUCKS…literally, sucks the (lifeblood) tax base out of a community…..

What the wind industry will never acknowledge is this: a PILOT agreement is a tax abatement. It is not a juicy extra pile of money coming from the developers and owners of wind projects. Once the bases, towers, rotors and nacelles are installed, the assessed value of the property upon which they sit should rise substantially. If taxation doesn’t rise to the new assessment level, the taxpayers in that taxing district are helping to pay the cost of acquisition, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the project in the form of reduced tax payments.

The punch line for the wind developers is this: unlike the others who invest in these projects, there is never an equity payout at the end for taxpayers.Source: Lewis County sits in on the old shell game