Indiana county says NO to BigWind (Apex)


Bravo, Indiana! The truth about these industrial sites is spreading.  A neighboring county already has turbines, and we are certain, plenty of people who oppose them.  We have learned, however, that we must stay vigilant. Just because Apex was unable to put up met towers, means nothing.  That is just a smokescreen because these companies don’t really care how windy a region is (or not).  This region of the country is NOT very windy, per governmental data (see our home page). These companies are here for the $$$, and when you are blinded by their smokescreens, they quietly negotiate leases….

The Henry County Planning Commission denied two requests from Apex Clean Energy to build towers in the southern part of the county to gather wind data. The meteorological towers, commonly called met towers, would have been placed in Spiceland and Dudley Township….

Many people who attended the meeting wore neon colored shirts emblazoned with anti-turbine slogans. Residents from all corners of the county asked the members of the board to consider that met towers are precursors to wind turbines. They repeated concerns that have been voiced several times at a variety of public meetings over the past few months….


Source: Planning commission denies temporary towers