BigWind sues Ohio Dept of Natl Resources and Power Siting Board!

It was a big week for lawyers and litigation. Probably the most spectacular news is that Iberdrola has SUED the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as well as the Ohio Power Siting Board because those agencies decided that monitoring reports of bird kills at the Blue Creek Wind Farm in Van Wert and Paulding Counties should be made public. Iberdrola thinks otherwise. Those must be pretty bad bird kill numbers up there – pretty bad. Earlier, Iberdrola had convinced US Fish & Wildlife that the data should be withheld from the public. But Ohio thinks otherwise. It remains to be seen whether any other groups will file in support of ODNR and OPSB. We hope so.

The more we think about Iberdrola’s position, the more upset we get thinking about the other things they seek to hide. Accident data, blade failure, noise complaints, the list goes on and on. Why would any public entity give public money – subsidies or tax abatements – to a wind developer that operates in secret? Well, in Mason County and Tuscola County, Michigan they didn’t. They taxed the wind projects and BANG! – they got sued (Nextera)! In explaining why they have sued, a spokesperson from wind developer Consumers Energy “said the company needs to stay competitive by offering its customers the lowest rates. Part of that process is being “cost-conscious,” he said, when it comes to expenditures. “Anytime there’s anything that affects our rates, we want to make sure we do our due diligence and are doing what’s necessary to protect any increased rate to our customers,”…Marvin said Consumers officials believe there is a significant difference between the state tax commission and local governing bodies over how the value of wind turbines are assessed, which ultimately affects how much the company is required to pay in taxes.”

An Ohio wind farm has filed a lawsuit against two state agencies, hoping to conceal the number of bird deaths that are being caused by its operation….

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