BigWind spending Big$ to influence YOU this election season

This article states that the industry will ‘officially’ begin a brainwashing plan aimed at the American public.  After throwing billions of taxpayer$ at the industry, they go into full attack mode in order to protect the gifts. This is not a new game, but simply now it is official, as they have formed a 501c group to spread the lies. Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that even their ‘advocacy’ group avoids taxes?….Where is the advocacy group for the average American citizen with a 7 figure budget?….

The wind industry upped its political game on Tuesday with the launch of a new bipartisan advocacy organization aimed at influencing congressional campaigns.

American Wind Action will help inform and educate the public on the many benefits that wind energy brings to our nation and to communities across America…

We will be working to identify and activate supporters of wind energy to encourage action from their elected officials, and we will educate the public about the actions and positions those officials take on wind energy, they added in a joint statement.

AWA’s status as a 501(C)4 advocacy group means it will devote 40 percent of its funds toward both state and federal congressional races. The remaining 60 percent will be applied to its educational role of promoting the benefits of wind energy in the form of increased jobs, lower energy bills and higher tax revenue for local and state governments, say officials representing the group.

AWA defines itself as an “independent and bipartisan” advocacy group focused on “educating the public on federal and state issues relevant to the development and benefits of wind energy,” the statement said.

The group says it has a “seven figure” budget to begin its activities….


Source: Wind industry looks to influence 2016 election | Washington Examiner