Are farmers (and others) ‘pawns’ in a BigWind game of chess?


Farmers beware. Michigan counties are in the midst of a huge battle against BigWind because (now) informed people are complaining of noise, property devaluation, etc. and there is absolutely NOTHING the elected officials can do about it. WE are all pawns in a BigWind game. If you play chess, you know the pawns are helpless, sacrificial lambs…

BAD AXE — Huron County is paying the price locally for national policy on wind power and fracking, according to a county commissioner.

“We’re pawns in a very big game,” John Nugent told the Board of Commissioners this week…

And anyone who signs a contract allowing wind turbines on their property should read the contract, he said.

“If you do sign a lease, make sure to read it over really careful, and have an attorney go over it,” he said.

“One person was complaining to me about the wind turbine contract and I said, ‘You should have read it. You’re the one who signed it. You agreed to it. You didn’t read it?’” Bodis said.

“(They) said it was seven pages. All the more reason to read it,” he said.

Commissioner Sami Khoury said that people were signing leases based on word of mouth, and not reading them nor taking them to an attorney.

“(Wind developers) take advantage of the trusting nature of people — especially people in Huron County — who really are good-hearted people,” Nugent said. “They take advantage of that trust factor and do not pay them a fair amount.”

Nugent said each turbine brings in $300,000 to $400,000 annually in revenue.

“And the landowner gets ($10,000)?” Nugent said.

“It’s disproportionate,” he said. “And then we fight to get the tax money from (the developers). It’s criminal what we’re dealing with. It’s not criminal in the real sense, but it’s damn irritating,” Nugent said.

Bodis pointed out that landowners have signed contracts, and now want the COUNTY to resolve their problems.

“They signed the contracts,” Bodis said. “And now that there’s issues. It’s coming before this board to resolve issues because they signed a contract.”

Source: Commissioner says we’re pawns in wind game