Yet, another, reason Ohio should INCREASE BigWind setbacks from property

BigWind is fighting hard to shorten the distance between Ohio turbines and our homes. The legislature will vote on alternate HB 190 this fall. BigWind claims that new developments cannot occur with the current setback…however, the Lima News, over the weekend, covered a NEW BigWind development heading East of Paulding county. Below, is just another example of an additional community that has INcreased the distance between property lines and turbines. Ohio is NOT alone with our setback of just over 1000 feet. In fact, we are part of a growing majority of informed communities that choose to protect their citizens from the effects of these industrial machines. In order to keep up, Ohio should actually INcrease the setback distance…..

Members of the Newfield Town Board unanimously voted to pass a local law tightening wind power restrictions following a public hearing on the issue at the beginning of the board’s regular meeting July 14.

Several people spoke in favor of passing the law, which is a revised version of a local law originally passed in 2009 to “promote the effective use of the town’s wind energy resources through wind energy facilities and wind turbine generators, and to regulate the design and placement of such systems so that the public health, safety and welfare will not be unreasonably jeopardized,” as is stated in the law.
Newfield decided to take a closer look at the law when Black Oak Wind Farm submitted a proposal to the neighboring town of Enfield that included one potential site within Newfield on Cayutaville Road. On April 14 Newfield put a 90-day moratorium on any wind development within the town while they reviewed their local wind energy laws.
The most significant change to the revised version is the increase in the distance required between a wind turbine and nearby property lines. The current law states there must be 750 feet or 1.5 times the blade radius, whichever is greater, between the turbine and the property lines of adjacent property owners.

In the newly adopted law, the setback is increased to 1,760 feet or three times the blade radius, whichever is greater, from adjacent property lines, unless each neighboring landowner within 1,760 feet consents to a written lease, easement or other agreement….

Source: It’s Official: Town Passes Wind Farm Law