BigWind spends >$20Million (taxdollars) annually lobbying for more Green

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It is time to remind our legislators that they are in office to lobby for US…

There is nothing “free,” “clean,” or “green” about industrial wind. Quite to the contrary, the true costs of industrial wind development are astronomical. Yet, the wishful thinking of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman, and ‘green’ ideologues who benefit from this massive taxpayer and ratepayer rip-off, have been repeated unquestioned by many in the media for years now….

As our government officials continue to misdirect great resources into the wind, the key question that needs to be asked by everyone is this:

~ Where is the Scientific PROOF that wind energy is a NET societal benefit?

The answer is that there is NO such scientific proof. None. Nada.

However, there is much proof that development of sprawling, unreliable, industrial wind factories has been vastly detrimental across the nation and the world. So much so, President Obama had to approve 30-Year EAGLE-KILL permits specifically to accommodate the bird-slaughtering wind industry….

Manhattan Institute scholar, Robert Bryce, recently reported that the wind industry has garnered $176 billion of crony cash here in the US. It’s no wonder the American Wind Energy Association spends over $20 million per year lobbying for more of the same! Big Wind and the Big Banks who back them are playing the system to tap into taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ wallets, while the crony-politicians who enable the whole dastardly deal get hefty ‘campaign donations’ in return. The greatest Ponzi Schemes of all times pale in comparison to the eco-heist these ‘Green Gangsters’ are pulling off.

Industrial wind was saved in the U.S. by Enron as a tax-shelter-generating scheme. Nothing about that has changed. Big Wind enriches the top one percent, the rent-seekers, at taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ expense. Just ask Warren Buffett, who said,

We get tax credits if we build “wind farms.” That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credits….

Source: Wind Power Misinformation in the Empire State – Master Resource