Highest # of BigWind turbines = Highest electricity rates = MORE POVERTY

The ‘Land down under’ will soon have more people living under poverty. Who can afford these rates? Certainly not you or I or our neighbors and, certainly, not our employers. We don’t want them here in the USA!! Stop subsidizing this intermittent energy!!….

The market price of the subsidy households end up paying to wind farms has surged by up to 270 per cent in just two years.
A grab-bag of green schemes is expected to add between $90 and $190 to power bills in 2016-17 depending on where consumers live, according to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). Within this, the price of providing a leg-up to large wind, solar and hydro setups was put at $29 to $44 — a charge that had and would rise by 23 per cent a year….

Wind’s subsidy windfall is not its only impact on consumers — it is also pushing up the price they pay for electricity.

In South Australia — which has the biggest number of turbines in the nation — the wholesale power price is currently 50 per cent higher than anywhere in the National Electricity Market.
When EnergyAustralia raised SA retail prices by an average of $260 a year from July 1, it said $210 of this was due to the cost of it buying power there.
News Corp Australia has previously reported futures markets indicate soaring wholesale prices could add $100 to $240 to annual bills in within two years…

Source: Wind farms add to power bills