Ohio legislators need to focus on CLEAN, not renewable energy

As summer draws to a close and legislators get ready to return to work on the Ohio Renewable Mandate Freeze – issues concerning land use and environmental degradation should be a part of the dialogue. We have already seen evidence from wildlife advocates around Lake Erie, bat conservation advocates in Champaign County, emerging solar opposition in Granville and elsewhere and now a major Ohio paper calling for another look at nuclear energy. There are many reasons why nuclear energy is seen as a more viable means to clean energy. Land use and habitat conservation should be high on the list of benefits. The debate in Columbus should be one focused on CLEAN ENERGY not RENEWABLE ENERGY. We appreciate the efforts of Citizens for Clear Skies in the Van Wert area who wrote their own Letter to the Editor advancing some of these ideas. We have posted it, again, for the educational value. 

If you belong to Ducks Unlimited, a local land trust, garden club or bird watching group, you may want to spread the word of the growing awakening to the adverse environmental implications of “green energy” whether it be wind or solar. Being green should mean protecting the environment – being clean should include a thoughtful assessment of the contributions possible through modern nuclear energy….

Citizens for Clears Skies to opposition

Information submitted

Sunday, August 14, 2016 12:51 AM

To the editor,

Citizens for Clear Skies is a group formed to bring the truth to the community on the dynamics of wind energy. We are accused of only being negative from the opposition group. This is our collaborative response to their last letter:

We see significant reductions in this technology globally due to governments becoming more educated in time over the detrimental impact to consumer power bills.
We see an intermittent “resource”, one that is rarely present when consumers need it most.

We see reliable generators being forced to regulate their output, raising capital costs to operate and wonder who will see that cost passed onto them in future utility bills.

We see structures that bring an “urban” feel to the country by dominating the skies, not the peace and quiet we feel we deserve by choosing to live rurally.

We see greed at the expense of your neighbors in their property value depreciation.

We see companies that use schools as their primary pawns, then paint those opposed as anti-school and anti-community.

We see taxpayer backed technologies that put hundreds of millions into the pockets of company investors, while providing a fraction of that profit to a community affected.

We see leaders that align themselves with the progressive vision of big government, not the traditional conservative small government values our community is built upon.

We see farmers that have a choice whether to prevent urban sprawl or choose to sell their land.

We see a community where farmers by far have the most capital and land, as compared to other residents.

We see and hear countless stories of shadow flicker, sound and vibrational disturbances that cause serious negative health impacts on many, not non-intrusive objects to farm around.

We see trespass zoning and zoning laws that protect all citizens, not someone’s right to circumvent laws that have existed much longer than this technology.

We see small town residents buying into the massive expansion of government instead of maintaining the small government principles that make our country work better.

We see energy that is inherently more expensive and less reliable when we need it most, one that does little or nothing to reduce CO2 emissions.

We see an issue in climate change, one where relevant studies and data from opposition is completely suppressed by a willing media to promote their leftist agenda, rather than allow public debate.

We see a negative contribution to a country already 20 trillion dollars in debt, a debt that our children will have to repay at some point, the kind of big government that would make Eastern European countries proud (while they are ironically reducing this technology significantly).

We see a world view that is consistent with massive government, not the small government ideology that history has proven to allow the masses to create their own destiny.

We see community and family division, not a positive attitude, solely created by this intrusion.

Hopefully Van Wert really digs into this issue and realizes what is happening globally with this technology. Recently one wind developer claimed that Ohio was not a solid wind energy resource. Wind energy is being fought and failing in many places in the country, not just Van Wert. People in the Blue Creek foot print are suffering. There are ample testimonials of families and their dealings with wind energy. It is claimed that wind energy will attract people to live here, but we find that to be dishonest. Ask someone considering relocation to Van Wert if they would buy a rural property under monstrous wind turbines, or would choose to live in the city or elsewhere? We think that answer is pretty obvious.

Citizens for Clear Skies