BigWind is the newest ‘bully’ in our skies- say the birds


BigWind believes they have the right to refuse to share data about bird kills in Ohio. If they are such ‘great’ neighbors, why wouldn’t they choose to be transparent? Isn’t that what we were promised with this administration, of the past 8 years? For those of us who reside near a BigWind development, we know that the industry is tremendously deceptive. Sales tactics are shady and the truth is often hidden between murky myths. The situation, below, is no surprise to us. What is surprising to us, however, is the reality that they can actually get away with hiding this data…and that the data is not even provided by an independent source! We have heard the stories, that individuals are hired, to ‘clean up’ the carcasses before the arrival of the counters.  Additionally, their ‘kill zones’ are not broad enough to incorporate all of the true mortality and some carcasses are consumed by predators, before they can be appropriately counted. Is BigWind a graceful site in our skies? No, it is a terrorist for our birds and bats….

An Ohio wind-energy facility doesn’t want to reveal how many birds it kills, and has gone to court to keep that information secret. Blue Creek Wind Farm, owned by the Spanish company Iberdrola Renewables, has filed a lawsuit in Ohio to prevent two state agencies from making public what it calls “trade secrets.” The legal action comes after an Ohio bird conservation group, Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO), asked to see bird and bat mortality data for Blue Creek.

The facility went into operation in June 2012. It occupies about 80 square miles in an agricultural area of two Ohio counties rich in bird life. Blue Creek puts larger birds, including raptors, at risk. But it also creates a serious hazard for bats and many smaller bird species, including several of conservation concern….

Mortality data provided by wind-energy companies is notoriously unreliable. ABC has repeatedly called for changes in how and by whom that data is collected, and urged that the more credible and transparent data system used in Hawaii be adopted nationwide. This is the only state where fatality data are collected by independent third-party experts using standardized methods and where the public has access to the information….

“Our native wildlife does not belong to the wind industry but is owned by the American people and held in trust for future generations,” he said….