Would BigWind like to visit YOUR backyard?


A new website has been born to show you how renewables could function, in YOUR backyard. Renewables.ninja allows you to pick the hub height of a wind turbine, along with a location, and seconds later, you can see what the capacity factor of a project is projected to be. What a gift! The bad news is that most individuals have no idea what this means. The good news is that we can help! According to our department of energy, our nuclear, coal and gas plants have capacity factors of almost 90%. This means, if the plants run at full speed, 24×7, they will produce up to 90% of what they are capable of actually producing.  More important, however, is the VALUE this adds to our grid and our homes and businesses. Coal, nuclear, and gas can run 24×7 and produce a level of energy that is CERTAIN…no concerns of blackouts, no worries of the lights turning off. They are RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE AND USABLE when we need it.  This website shows us that BigWind, in NW Ohio, for instance, has a pathetic capacity factor of approximately 30%.  In fact, the majority of Ohio is a crappy place for wind turbines.  So, again, we ask the question that we have asked many times before….how many businesses do you know that can survive if they only produce 30% of what they promise? NONE unless they are subsidized. Boot BigWind out of Ohio!!!