Germany BigWind headed for disaster. Is the USA paying attention?

We have blogged about other countries and their disasters with BigWind. Denmark has the highest electricity rates in Europe, with rates approximately TRIPLE what we pay in the USA. According to this report, Germany is not far behind, thanks to BigWind. Can you imagine what this would do to our society, if these rates came here? It would severely impact our poor and devastate our industry. People will lose their jobs because companies will have to do something to contain their costs. How long will we wear blinders to these truths?….

Professor Fritz Vahrenholt wrote an expert assessment for the Liechtenstein-based Geopolitical Intelligence Services on the situation concerning Germany’s power grid stability and its current renewable energy policy. He says Germany needs an immediate and fundamental course correction if it wishes to avert a disaster.

Costly for the consumer

Vahrenholt writes that already today Germany has the second highest electricity price (after Denmark) in Europe and that the so-called renewable energy feed-in tariff will rise from 6.35 €ct/kwh today “to an astounding 7.3 €ct/kwh in 2017“. Germany’s green energy feed-in act generates an additional cost to consumers of some 25 billion euros annually, paid by citizens via their power bill. This represents “a social transfer from bottom to top of immense dimensions“….

3) Parts of Germany are already oversaturated with wind turbines and 4) not surprisingly other states are not following the German example as they grapple for their responses to the energy and climate issue.

He notes that unless a drastic course change is enacted, the future looks bleak.

Irrational fear

The driving force behind the socially unstable, frenzied energy policy is an irrational fear that we will irreparably damage our climate with CO2 – despite new scientific findings showing that CO2’s impact on the global climate has been vastly overstated by the IPCC.

The German professor blasts German Green Party in states where it is driving government plans to open forests to allow the construction of wind parks. “This is a catastrophe for most species of predatory birds and bats and the surrounding ecosystem.”…