BigWind lobbying group now influencing elections…under the veil of a nonprofit

Nightmares can come true. BigWind has formed a nonprofit group and hired a topnotch communications director to spread the lies about wind energy. (The lies start with the comment below, that Americans are eager for and willing to buy BigWind) And, they have made it clear that they WILL enter the political arena and influence elections. What is the average American, who knows the Truth behind BigWind, to do?   Share what you know. Inform your friends and take time to contact your legislators. It takes so little time to make a call or send an email.  Please get involved, before it is too late. Do not think that you live in a place that is ‘safe’ from BigWind…

A new national nonprofit group is spending $375,000 on advertising in Kansas over the next two months to make the case for wind energy production, a purchase that hints at future electoral influence.

American Wind Action, founded three months ago, already has a seven-figure budget. Its largest advertising purchase to date is in Kansas, where it will roll out television, radio and digital ads across the state in September and October.

“Wind is a resource Americans are eager for and are willing to buy,” said Jeff Clark, an industry executive and AWA board member….

“AWA is a newly formed organization that has a primary focus on education — but we plan to increase the political strength,” she said.

Gitcho brings political heft to AWA. She was the communications director for 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney and press secretary for the Republican National Committee, among other influential roles on Capitol Hill.

AWA is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit group. As such, it is required to spend most of its budget on education, though it can set aside some for electioneering. The AWA is not required to disclose its donors and doesn’t, but Gitcho said it is funded primarily by pro-wind companies…

Source: Wind energy group drops $375K on Kansas airwaves, looks ahead to elections