But the turbine FELL within the designated setback zone

All over the web, this story reads the same…this turbine ‘fell within the designated setback zone’. This must be the new talking point for the industry, as many communities, states and countries fight to EXTEND their setback.  Why? Because the noise and vibrations interrupt sleep, cause headaches and stress and the machines lower property values.  Thank heavens this didn’t occur during a windy storm. This, as BigWind in Ohio fights to SHORTEN the setbacks, so they can force more machines closer to our residents. What distance is actually safe? Well, we believe Ohio’s current setback (1,125 from property line) is the bare minimum and that it should INcrease as turbine height increases.  Are we unique? You would think so, if you listened to the BigWind supporters, but Ohio’s setback is actually weak compared to hundreds of other places around the country and world. Do not be hoodwinked by this industry!….

Ocotillo Wind said one of its turbines fell Monday. Officials issues a statement on their website, stating that the turbine fell within the designated setback zone…

Source: Ocotillo wind turbine falls