Next Ohio BigWind move= reduce our property line setbacks for their machines


During this week’s House Public Utilities Committee hearings Rep. Kent Smith, a Democrat from Euclid offered an amendment to allow local government to establish their own setbacks for wind. A number of witnesses in both the House and Senate hearings requested that the current property line setbacks be revised and reduced. Please see the testimony of lobbyist Dayne Baird which is attached at the bottom of this page. In the Senate hearings, Senator Seitz told the witnesses that the bill under consideration has nothing to do with the issue of setbacks and testimony on the subject was out of place. In the House, Rep. Smith argued for his setback amendment saying that “This is a Republican amendment in respect that this is essentially HB 190 , sponsored by two Republican members,”…. “Chairman Rep. Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) said he was “sympathetic” to Rep. Smith’s intent, before moving to table the item.” “Recognizing the environment right now and the situation in our partner chamber and the position that’s been taken on this issue, I question the advisability of taking action on this issue,” he said.” Moreover, we understand that Dovilla made reference to the fact that the sponsors of HB 190, Burkley and Brown were gone. THANK YOU VAN WERT, Defiance, Paulding and Auglaize voters who sent a powerful message to the General Assembly by voting Tony Burkley OUT OF OFFICE. They heard you!

The setback issue is going to come back in the next General Assembly. At the bottom of this page is a partial list of witnesses who testified in the House and Senate. Their testimony might interest you, so a link to their testimony is provided. We note that Jeff Thomas, a leaseholder and Bonita Agnew from the Blue Creek Wind area testified along with someone from the Lincolnview Schools and Susan Munroe of the Van Wert Chamber. Jeff Thomas actually talked about how great it was to look out his back door at 80 turbines….

Senate Bill 320 Opponent Testimony – Go to to view copies of written testimony.


Kevin Sheen Everpower Wind Opponent View

Seth Wilmore Everpower Opponent View


Susan Munroe Van Wert Chamber of Commerce Opponent View


Abby Watson Gamesa Opponent View

Bonita Agnew – Opponent View

Jeff Thomas – Opponent View

Dayna Baird – Opponent View

Sarah Moser Apex Clean Energy Opponent View

Jeff Reinkemeyer Avangrid Renewables Opponent View

Andrew Gohn American Wind Energy Association Opponent View


Eric Thumma Avangria Renewables Opponent View

Jeff Snyder Lincolnview Local Schools Opponent View