Will Fake News cause Ohio governor to support BigWind OVER his consituents?


Fake news. It seems to be the topic du jour in light of the media’s failure to accept the results of the Presidential election. Yesterday, it was Benghazi blamed on a video or the admission of Obamacare’s author that they could just lie because the American public was too stupid to figure out it was a bad deal. We think the old fashioned word for “fake news” is “propaganda”. Following the General Assembly’s passage of House Bill 554, we have seen the expected flurry of propaganda coming from the Nature Conservancy, the Ohio Environmental Council, the Natural Resources Defense Council and their buddy, Cliff Hite (R-Findlay).

On the floor of the Senate, Hite pleaded with his fellow Senators: “I want a wind win.” For the last ten years we have understood renewable mandates to be bad because they create “winners and losers.” We figure if Hite wants a “wind win,” he must also support community loss. Loss of the viewshed, loss of a good night’s sleep, loss of health, loss of property rights, loss of the night sky and loss of affordable, reliable power. Other articles report the ongoing claims of “environmental” organizations who maintain wind projects have been on hold due to lack of mandates; that Ohio is experiencing loss of jobs due to lack of mandates, etc. Did you read our previous blog about Vermont? Renewable mandates are NOT good for a state! All of it Fake News. MESSAGE TO THE ENVIROS: WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID. The question is whether Governor Kasich will sign House Bill 554, let it become law without his signature or veto it. The law requires the Governor to act on the bill within 10 days of receiving it. 

There is still plenty of time to call Governor Kasich to express your support for House Bill 554.

Please Call the Governor at (614) 466-3555. Leave a message and simply ask him to support HB 554!!

Fight fake news and propaganda. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to make a call. Put it on your Facebook page or send a Tweet. We may not have paid lobbyists but we VOTE and we are not STUPID. At the request of some readers, we have listed at the bottom of this issue the members of the House of Representatives and how they voted on House Bill 554. If one of these people represents you, it is time to think about running someone else in your district!…

…When up and running, Ohio’s renewable-energy and energy-efficiency standards attracted private investment and led to customer savings. But House Bill 554 makes the existing clean-energy standards voluntary for the next two years. In other words, utilities would not have to do anything until those two years are up, and perhaps even longer if the General Assembly changes the rules again. [FAKE NEWS!]

Gov. John Kasich has expressed concerns about the message that the bill sends to investors at a time when the state’s tax receipts are declining. Simply put, investors like predictability. They are more likely to put their money in a state that has set standards, such as Michigan, than a state in which it is unclear whether utilities will follow the rules. [More FAKE NEWS!]

The governor is right to be concerned and should veto HB 554…

Renewable energy is a proven job creator. Our research found an average increase of 5,900 to 9,700 jobs annually if utilities are required to source more power from wind and solar. At a time when market forces are leading to coal plant closures, often as a result of increased automation and cheap, abundant natural gas, Ohio should take advantage of the rapidly growing clean-energy industry. Today, there are more U.S. jobs in solar energy than in coal mining. Yet, renewables currently account for only 2.5 percent of energy generation in Ohio, representing an untapped opportunity for local jobs. [FAKE NEWS! Manufacturers Oppose Mandates!]…

Finally, our research suggests that a return to clean-energy standards is likely to produce significant health-care savings from avoided cases of asthma and other respiratory conditions. [More FAKE NEWS!] As health-care costs continue to rise, promoting lower-polluting energy sources and energy efficiency could result in anywhere from $1.63 billion to $1.7 billion in public health benefits by 2030. Utilities are already partially regulated (distribution and transmission) and are seeking a return to full regulation to protect their market share. Requiring them to expand their capacity to provide power from sources that reduce the health care impacts on their customers is fair and reasonable….


Source: Josh Knights commentary: Ohio should lead, not languish on clean energy

Nays- who voted AGAINST HB 554?

Nickie J. Antonio (D) Steven Arndt (R)

Mike Ashford (D) John Barnes, Jr. (D)

Heather Bishoff (D) John Boccieri (D)

Kristin Boggs (D) Terry Boose (R)

Kevin Boyce (D) Janine R. Boyd (D)

Tony Burkley (R) Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D)

Kathleen Clyde (D) Hearcel F. Craig (D)

Michael F. Curtin (D) Bill Dean (R)

Denise Driehaus (D) Mike Duffey (R)

Teresa Fedor (D) Cheryl L. Grossman (R)

David Hall (R) Stephanie D. Howse (D)

Greta Johnson (D) Christie Bryant Kuhns (D)

David Leland (D) Michele Lepore-Hagan (D)

Michael J. O’Brien (D) Sean O’Brien (D)

Bill Patmon (D) John Patterson (D)

Debbie Phillips (D) Dan Ramos (D)

Alicia Reece (D) Bill Reineke (R)

John M. Rogers (D) Michael Sheehy (D)

Kent Smith (D) Fred Strahorn (D)

Martin J. Sweeney (D) Emilia Strong Sykes (D)

Andy Thompson (R)