Gov. Kasich leaving Ohioans a legacy of HIGHER ELECTRICITY RATES


The article, below, demonstrates what has happened in Massachusetts, as a result to adding renewables onto the electricity grid. What is the biggest difference with Ohio? Our governor recently MANDATED that Ohioans and our businesses purchase renewable energy that is generated here. More industrial wind energy turbines will now blanket our landscape, our quiet rural areas, and tear apart communities and families who disagree over this issue. Thanks for nothing, Governor Kasich, you have disappointed us with your anti-capitalist and liberal decision…

…CleanChoice Energy mailed out a sales pitch to electricity customers in eastern Massachusetts. The letter acknowledged that 100 percent renewable energy from solar and wind would cost “a little more” than “polluting energy,” but said the added expense was worth it.
“That’s because the energy you are choosing is better for you and the planet,” the brochure said. “When you add more renewable energy to the electric grid, you are reducing toxic waste and air pollution, making the world a healthier place with cleaner air.”

In smaller print, CleanChoice Energy said the current fixed rate for the company’s clean energy was 14.8 cents per kilowatt hour, which compared to 8.2 cents a kilowatt hour for the electricity procured for customers by Eversource through competitive bidding.

The difference in price is huge. For a typical customer using 600 kilowatt hours a month, the Eversource price is $49.20, while the CleanChoice product costs $85.20. That’s just the price for electricity, and doesn’t include separate transmission, distribution, and customer service charges assessed by Eversource.

The state Department of Public Utilities operates a website where customers can compare electricity offers, and 100 percent renewable energy offers are all priced higher. At press time in December, there were five options for people seeking 100 percent renewable energy, with prices ranging from a low of 10.1 cents a kilowatt hour with Champion Energy Service to a high of 15.8 cents with CleanChoice…

Michael Durand, a spokesman for Eversource, said the company used to offer a renewable energy option to customers called NStar Green, but discontinued the program a year ago. Few customers took advantage of the program, which relied primarily on power from wind farms…

Source: Renewables not cheap – CommonWealth Magazine