Wyoming acknowledges BigWind is more expensive than traditional energy


We have reported for years, that renewable energy IS extremely expensive and WILL raise electricity rates in America…and it will NOT solve any CO2 problems that, theoretically, are related to climate change.  The industry is the largest American taxpayer scammer of our lives!  Here we provide another state recognizing this truth.  Note below, this informed legislator recognizes that BigWind rates are up to 3x as expensive as traditional energy producers…something BigWind denies and also reiterates their need for the ProductionTaxCredit (now approaching 4 decades worth) Please remind your Ohio legislator of this reality, as many are persuaded to believe the falsehoods of the deep-pocketed BigWind lobbyists….

Senate File 71 is not a prohibition on generating renewable energy in Wyoming.

According to one of its sponsors, Sen. Larry Hicks, R-Baggs, the bill’s intention is to spare the Wyoming citizenry high utility rates and maximize the state’s revenue intake….

SF 71 seeks to put into law that each electrical utility that sells its electricity in Wyoming must procure 95 percent of its sales from “eligible generating resources” by 2018, and 100 percent by 2019. These eligible sources are defined as coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, net metering systems (solar), nuclear and oil.

The bill does not explicitly state that energies not generated from those sources would be banned from the state, such as wind energy, but utility companies would have to pay a penalty if they are unable to meet the standards defined in the bill.

Hicks said renewable energies are not cost-efficient for the Wyoming consumer, and that utility rates for wind and solar power can be as much as two or three times higher than existing utility rates.

“I have no crystal ball, but today and into the foreseeable future they are more expensive,” Hicks said. “Here’s the important thing: We’ll drive our utility rates down … it’ll give Wyoming the competitive advantage … and we’ll produce all the green power they want, we’ll take the property taxes off that, and they can sell that to the people in California for (a high price).”…

Source: Bill to “level the playing field” for utility rates in Wyoming