Simple reason Ohio’s BigWind setback should NOT be shortened

We know that BigWind wants to REduce the wind turbine setbacks in Ohio. Why? Well, more turbines = more $. Each turbine fetches them $millions in kickbacks/tax credits/etc. Why should our Ohio legislators STOP this nonsense? Simple, the turbines are getting LARGER. Setbacks are designed for one reason- to protect citizens.  If turbine size will double, shouldn’t our citizens deserve a LARGER setback? Hmm….Note another curious comment by the BigWind representative below…larger turbines SHOULD REDUCE the number of turbines. Wanna bet this isn’t true in Ohio?…

The 12 wind turbines that are proposed for the Otter Creek Wind Farm, will be significantly taller than wind turbines already erected…

From the ground to the top of the wind blades, the proposed wind turbines at the Otter Creek Wind Farm will measure 195 metres (642 feet).

By comparison, the world’s tallest wind turbine in Germany is just under 230 metres (754 feet)….

Most wind turbines in Chatham-Kent are approximately 155 metres (510 feet) from ground to the top of a blade’s tip.

“The reason why these turbines are a little bit higher and a little bit wider in diameter, is to effectively reduce the use of the number of turbines,” said Adam Rosso, who is Otter Creek Wind Farm’s director of development….


Source: Proposed wind turbines will be taller