BigWind causing Australian BLACKouts. Will the Trump train follow them?

Breitbart: All I ask is one simple question: if an industry can only exist because it’s dependent on subsidies and regulation, what do you think will happen to that industry if the public mood swings, a revolutionary spirit takes hold post Brexit and Donald Trump, and those subsidies are withdrawn and the regulation is removed?…

We’re on the verge of a new energy revolution. Except it’s the exact opposite of the one the “experts” at places like BP, the International Energy Agency and – ahem – the Guardian are predicting.

That world doesn’t exist….

Actually, it’s not the fossil fuel industry that needs invigorating. As even the BP Energy Outlook report admits, fossil fuels are doing just fine and will do for the foreseeable.

But while I’m sure the BP report is right about the growth of fossil fuels – we’ve got to get our energy from somewhere – it seems to me that its forecast for renewables comes from a mix of wishful thinking and heroic assumptions based on conditions that no longer exist….

No one would build these things otherwise because they’re just not commercially viable. The energy they produce is unreliable, unpredictable, intermittent, destabilising (prone to surges and lulls), environmentally damaging (from their huge concrete bases to their use of poisonous rare earth minerals), and very expensive. That’s why they have to be subsidised by taxpayers. And the only reason taxpayers subsidise them is because they’re forced to do so by government legislation which has been framed in the belief that this is a necessary measure to “combat climate change.”

So what happens when all these “heroic assumptions” cease to apply?

If man-made climate change ceases to be a “problem” that anyone takes seriously.

If the widespread harm done by renewables is recognised as being far greater than any illusory benefits.

If taxpayers become increasingly suspicious of the values of the liberal elite.

What would all this mean for the future of renewables?

Well this is no longer a hypothetical question because this is exactly what is happening.

More and more, renewables are being recognised as an environmental disaster, as a charter for troughers and rent-seekers, as a human health hazard, and as a serious threat to economic stability.

South Australia is the bellwether of this impending, renewables-driven economic disaster. As Paul Homewood reports, it now relies on wind power for 40 per cent of its electricity – a lunatic decision which has led to rationing, black outs and economic disruption. This won’t continue. South Australians simply won’t allow it to continue: they’re not cowed supplicants in some communist state but sophisticated consumers in a free market economy. Rationing and black outs just aren’t acceptable in such a culture, no matter how noble the intentions of the idiot leftist politicians who introduced all those carbon-reducing green schemes now are backfiring so badly and so predictably.

Source: DELINGPOLE: Why Renewables Are Doomed and Fossil Fuels Are the Future