Illinois school turbines= epic FAIL. Can Ohio learn from this mistake?

About 4 years ago, amid much hoopla, the Lake Land Community College received two “free” wind turbines from the Obama administration. These turbines were touted as providing free electricity to the college, AND providing training facilities for students wanting to become wind turbine technicians.

These Illinois turbines only operated for a short time. They have suffered lightning strikes and other mechanical problems.

Now, the college has decided to “remediate” one, & remove the blades from the other!! The cost of dismantling these turbines is not reported separately, but the total contract is $929,000! Quite a return on their “free” turbines!

An important question to ask, is HOW will the school promote the educational purpose of the remaining tower (as stated below)? Let us hope this is a lesson in the POOR economics of renewable energy- intermittent, plagued with maintenance, and expensive!…

…In other matters, the board hired the CTS Group to upgrade the West Building as part of an energy efficiency project and to remediate two adjacent 160-foot-tall, 100-kilowatt wind turbines at a cost of up to $927,697.

Lake Land plans to upgrade the building’s air handling units and to connect them to the campus geothermal heating and cooling system. The college also plans to remove the north turbine and remove the blades from the south turbine, leaving this structure in place for student educational purposes.

President Josh Bullock said the community garden at the base of the north turbine will be closed and the land there will be repurposed for other uses in conjunction with the West Building.

Lake Land has reported that the two turbines will be removed due to mechanical problems, which were compounded by the south turbine being damaged by lightning. Both turbines were installed in 2012 through federal grant funding.

Source: Lake Land board hears spring enrollment report