Is HONDA (of Ohio) learning about the lies of BigWind?

It has been 3 short years since HONDA of Ohio installed 2 industrial wind energy turbines. The green propaganda was spread around the globe, when these multimillion $ turbines were turned on. 3 short years. We wondered how long it would be until the turbines failed to produce the anticipated energy and required significant maintenance because this reality if often HIDDEN by BigWind.  It was a mere 3 short years.  We have learned that both turbines will be taken down for replacement of worn parts. The crane currently on site is not big enough to do the job so another crane is needed to complete the work. An earlier report confirmed that one turbine was turning but the second was not. Both turbines will be dismantled and repaired. The cost of this failure? The actual usable output of these turbines, compared to what they ‘should’ produce? We will never know, but this is clearly NOT a money maker for the auto manufacturer……

Honda has activated two wind turbines at its plant in Russell’s Point, Ohio.

Honda said this represents another important phase in its program to reduce the environmental impact of its products and manufacturing operations around the world.

Honda added this wind turbine will make the plant the first major automotive manufacturing facility in the United States to obtain a substantial volume of electricity directly from on-site wind turbines. The turbines will produce 10,000 megawatt hours (MWh) per year, which equates to approximately 10 percent of the plant’s overall electricity consumption…..

Source: Wind Power For Honda’s Ohio Plant –