Is Honda delusional? Claim ‘happy’ w turbines but won’t recover costs for 12 years?

In Logan County, the turbines at the Honda Transmission Plant are having their bearings replaced after three short years. It can’t be cheap. Honda says they are very happy with their turbines but will not recover the cost of putting them up for 12 years. They go on to indicate that they weren’t expecting the turbines to be cost effective but rather they are a symbol of Honda’s commitment to green energy. That is what we call “greenwashing”. Given that turbines last maybe 20 years or less, that 12 year payback seems mighty thin….

Over the first three years of their operation, the two wind turbines at Honda Transmission Manufacturing’s Russells Point plant have out- performed expectations, com- pany officials report.

With more than 36 months of data available, the company says the turbines are produc- ing about 11 percent of the transmission plant’s energy needs….

Ohio’s average cost for industrial energy is slightly less than 7 cents per kilowatt hour, according to data from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which means the energy produced by the wind turbines would have a value of about $770,000. …That indicates it would take roughly 12 years to cover the initial cost of construction, prior to annual maintenance costs. The expected lifespan of a wind turbine is 20 years….