Citizens vent about BigWind PILOT, taxes,leases and property devaluation

Ohio is simply one of multiple states with educated citizens exposing truths behind BigWind….

…Members of the Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation attended a St. Lawrence County Legislature meeting Monday to dispute claims made by an environmental health scientist and business developer relating to proposed wind turbines….Avangrid, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, is heading the North Ridge Wind Farm which calls for about 40 wind towers, about 500 feet high, to be constructed on land in Hopkinton and Parishville.

The concerned citizens group opposes claims made that property values do not decrease when a wind farm moves into an area. They also say Avangrid employees have had contact with school and town officials relating to Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) contracts versus taxes….

Will Dailey expressed concerns about a confidentiality clause and right to terminate clause he read in a lease between a landowner and Avangrid. He told legislators that should landowners wish to complain publically about issues (such as noise, visual impairment or flickering the light), that they (landowners) would have to submit complaints directly to Avangrid before it could be printed for the public to see.“You should read the lease agreements – they are a hoot,” Dailey said in an interview with North Country …Mr. Dailey says an Amish friend of his bought land a few years ago that had a lease agreement. The Amish man was allegedly told by an Avangrid representative that he could in fact get out of the agreement, a contradiction of what his agreement state.“I don’t know if all of these leases are the same,” Mr. Dailey said. “Neighbors should be getting together to discuss the leases and I am not sure that is happening.”

Mr. Dailey’s wife, Lucia, says claims that wind farms do not decrease property values are false.“They say there is no decrease – but when property values are going up everywhere else and remaining the same near wind farms – that shows property values decrease near wind farms,” she said.So although property values may not decrease on paper, with other property values rising in other parts of the state, land near wind farms does not increase in value at the same rate, according to studies the Dailey’s have read….“Other communities (that have wind farms) are coming to us with information about the health effects from the turbines,” Mrs. Dailey said. “A couple in Vermont were forced to abandon their home because they couldn’t stand them anymore.”She also said people from nearby Chateaugay have approached the group warning them about property values. The couple claims that they have been unable to sell their home for anything close to what they put into it, all because of wind turbines in the area..Mrs. Dailey says that Avangrid officials have informally contacted local officials about PILOTS. …

She says studies have shown that wind turbines generally produce just 20 to 25 percent of their capacity. “It is unreliable and not that efficient.”

“Why take on a project that pays taxes to basically offer a subsidy to the wind company,” Dailey asked….

Source: Citizens opposed to Parishville and Hopkinton wind turbines vent PILOT, tax and lease agreement concerns to legislators | NorthCountryNow