Yet another state looks to INcrease BigWind setbacks, but not Ohio!?

Ohio Senator Cliff Hite is proposing to SHORTEN the Ohio BigWind setback that is currently established at 1,125 feet from a property line. What is the purpose of a setback? To protect citizens and property.  Senator Cliff Hite is one of the biggest BigWind supporters that we know.  We think it is time for him to retire from the legislature and get a job with BigWind. Why not, if he chooses to protect THEM over US? Just look below for another area, experienced with BigWind, that tells them to ‘back off’!…

CANTON, S.D. – It was a tough night for a company that wants to build a wind farm in Lincoln County.

County commissioners approved some zoning changes….


Dakota Power wanted a top noise limit of 65 decibels, but commissioners set the limit at 45 decibels….

Commissioners also discussed a second zoning change.

This one dealt with the setback distance, which is how far the turbines have to be from public roads and homes.

The current distance is 1,320 ft., or three times the height of the turbine.

The Planning Commission recommended increasing it to 5,200 ft., or one mile.

The county commissioners said this decision is the toughest they’ll have to make, since it could determine whether or not Canton and surrounding cities could grow in the future.

They decided to table it for now, so they can look into more research on the topic…

Source: Lincoln County Increases Restrictions For Wind Turbines – KDLT